Durable Medical Equipment

Our ability to walk, transfer, bathe, dress and do a host of tasks depends on a mix of physical strength, agility, balance and mental function. As these faculties decline with age, assistive devices may be brought into help, and that help can often maintain your independence for a longer period of time.

Such devices are often classified as durable medical equipment or “DME.” Examples include: walkers, wheelchairs, and hospital beds. It may also include day-to-day items, such as gloves, supportive clothing and incontinence supplies.

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ReunionCare operates www.creditforcaring.com – a comprehensive marketplace for durable medical equipment operated in partnership with Medline®. 

This includes thousands of individual items to support your day-to-day needs, or the needs of a loved one. Packaged support kits are also available, designed to help family caregivers ease physical burden, simplify care routines and save time.