Making Your Home Safer as You Age

Imagine how things change as you age. Wisdom helps you prioritize your interests and activities. Experience changes the way you approach plans and events. Kids seem to run on the playground until they wear themselves out. We pace our activities to make sure we have time and energy to get through the day. Planning how to get things done with the least energy and physical stress are the indicators of your accumulated successes.

Such principles are reflected in the concept of ‘universal design’ – design choices that accommodate the needs of most extreme user, but benefits everyone while maintaining aesthetics and style. For instance, curb cuts in sidewalks accommodate wheelchairs, but also strollers. Potato peelers designed for chefs benefit those that use them occasionally.

Applying these ideas to your home give you the following benefits:

  • They can make day to day tasks easier and comfortable now and in the future
  • They open-up your home to a wider range of purchasers if you ever decide to sell.
  • They communicate that your home is welcome to all.

Here are some additional resources that may help with your understanding of this topic: