New Study Finds Lack of Preparedness for Middle-Income Adults

In a recent survey of middle-income adults, conducted by HCG Secure and Arctos Foundation, respondents indicated an overall lack of awareness for costs and extent of needs associated with elder care and long-term care services and supports. These findings illustrate the need for innovation across private and public sectors to increase both awareness of long-term care needs not covered by Medicare and access to comprehensive and affordable coverage with age.

Access the full survey results here. This data, along with additional research conducted on family caregiver and the financial burden of aging all points to a clear and unaddressed gap for our most vulnerable, aging populations. We at HCG Secure believe everyone deserves the financial security and support to age with dignity and autonomy. There is a clear need for innovation in the private insurance as well as public sector action, such as Medicare expansion, to address this gap and create more accessible long and short-term care landscapes. Individuals should also act now to educate themselves on their current coverage and to ensure they are prepared to age with confidence!