What We Do

Commited to Service

We are a team of innovators delivering next generation products and services to enable safe and navigable experiences for those who wish to age at home. All of us have experience caring for our own aging parents and understand the emotional and financial turmoil characteristic of our health care system. These experiences guide the designs of our innovative solutions for families which cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with end-of-life care and offer comprehensive support services.

We employ a data driven approach for our product development and identification of like-minded partners.

Independent quantitative and qualitative research is a key component of our approach. Working with non-profit organizations (Arctos Foundation) and leading institutions (Healthsperien, Stanford Center for Longevity and Fidelity Investments®) we have developed sophisticated digital assessments that provide our consumers with personalized planning and offer the public marketplace relevant content to enable greater clarity and tangible action plans for Aging at Home.