HCG Legacy
A Final Expense plan featuring
Everest Funeral Concierge Services

HCG Legacy

Platinum Solution Legacy Plan (HCG Legacy), underwritten by the American Amicable Group is a Final Expense whole life insurance offering providing you, and your loved ones, with peace of mind both during your life and after you pass away.

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Featuring Everest Funeral Concierge Services

With HCG Legacy Plan, you will automatically have access to Everest Funeral Planning and Concierge Services!

Everest’s 24/7 Advisors provide peace of mind and confidence when making difficult funeral-related decisions. Plus, Everest Advisors will work with American Amicable Group of Companies to help expedite the payout of your life insurance!

With HCG Legacy, you have financial support, planning resources and advocacy services – all in one product!

Coverage with HCG Legacy means:
24/7 Advisor Assistance – you’ll have a dedicated advocate supporting you and your family
Online Planning Tools and Secure Cloud Storage – to document and store your wishes for easy reference and safe-keeping
Research – Everest’s Pricefinder research reports ensure you are receiving best in class service for your money
Advance Care Planning – Get a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advance Directive in place, all digitally accessible
Cash – insurance benefits to cover funeral expenses and any outstanding debts
Family Support – your wishes will be communicated to the funeral home, so your family can focus on what’s most important – honoring you and your memory

Features & Benefits

HCG Legacy Plan coverage will provide cash payments to your loved ones when you pass away. Plans are available from $2,500 – $50,000 (in flexible increments), so you can rest easy knowing your final expenses will be covered.

Plus, HCG’s Legacy Plan includes living benefits – cash payments you can access if diagnosed with a terminal illness or confined to a skilled nursing facility.

Included Benefit Features (at no additional cost!)*:


You can receive payment up to 100% of the death benefit of your Platinum Solution Legacy Plan policy if diagnosed as Terminally Ill.



With this benefit if you are confined to a nursing home at least 30 days after the policy is issued, you can receive a monthly benefit equal to 5% of the face amount per month. This rider is available on the Immediate Death Benefit Plan only. 

Optional Policy Riders Include:


Provides valuable coverage on your grandchildren and great grandchildren ($5,000 per unit, maximum 2 units) at the rate of just $1.00 per month per grandchild or great grandchild for each unit selected.



Provides up to $6,000 of term insurance on your children. Not available on ROP Plan.



Waives premium payments during the Insured’s confinement in a qualified nursing home after 90 days of continuous confinement when the care is recommended by a physician after the rider is in effect. Available only on the Immediate Death Benefit Plan.



Provides additional coverage in the event of death by accident up to the face amount of the policy. Available up to age 80 and benefit remains in effect until age 100. Not available on ROP Plan.

*Not all plan features are available in all states and are a function of individual qualification requirements.

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Over $7,000
The average cost of a funeral in the United States[1]1
the average credit card debt held by Americans age 65 and older[2]2
Less than half
of Americans have a will in place, fewer still have an advance directive[3]3

How It Works

HCG Legacy Plan offers policyholders a range of coverage options, with plans offering, immediate, graded and return of premium death benefits. HCG Legacy offers high acceptance rates and qualifying is as simple as answering eight health eligibility questions. This coverage is accessible and affordable for Americans up to age 85. Plus, the Everest Funeral Concierge Services provide valuable benefits to you and your loved ones, enabling increased peace of mind. Losing family or friends is an immense emotional burden, one which should not be amplified or ignored due to logistical or financial concerns. Contact an HCG specialist by clicking here or calling 844-424-2757, and get organized for those you love most today!

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