Meet The Team

Meet the team behind innovative solutions to aging at home. We are committed to developing affordable, sensible, and smart solutions to help support long term aging at home.

Tom Beauregard
Founder & CEO

Tom was inspired to found HCG Secure when his parents reached an age where they were unable to fully care for themselves but wished to age at home. Limited by geography and his parents’ need for local resources, he found the process both overwhelming and difficult for him to ensure that his parents were receiving the best possible care from afar. Stunned by the lack of coverage resulting in out-of-pocket expenses and the lack of resources, Tom made it his mission to create products that offer the network and coverage needed for individuals and their loved ones to age comfortably, and as they wish.

Scott Fabrizio

Scott Fabrizio is the Chief Financial Officer of HCG Secure. Oftentimes, the care of an aging family member is the responsibility of female family members. Scott was inspired to build HCG Secure and launch products that allow families to circumvent the difficulties that come with having an aging family member. He saw this firsthand when his mother cared for his grandmother while maintaining a full-time job herself.

Elizabeth Christofer

Through the lens of her personal experience, Liz noticed the gaps in coverage for those with Medicare as well as the emotional and financial burdens which fell on families of aging loved ones. Driven by her innovative, problem-solving spirit and experience, she helped to bring HCG Secure to market in order to provide unique and proprietary solutions to the problems faced by the current aging-at-home population.

Nick Paulish

He works with leading insurance agencies, voluntary benefit platforms, employers, associations, and affinity groups to ensure individuals and families can plan for aging-at-home through innovative insurance solutions coupled with a curated set of relevant services and programs, designed to help cover future costs of care. Having cared for aging loved ones himself, Nick was inspired to help build applicable and enriching benefit solutions for enterprises and individuals that circumnavigate the current gaps and deficiencies within the market.

Tierney Beauregard

She is passionate about advancing care through policy and advocacy work and activating younger generations to get involved in planning. Tierney’s interest in advocating for those with medical needs stemmed from her work for Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), where she witnessed how policy can directly impact the health and comfort of individuals’ daily lives.

About Us.

Committed to Service

We are a team of innovators delivering next generation products and services to enable safe and navigable experiences for those who wish to age at home. All of us have experience caring for our own aging parents and understand the emotional and financial turmoil characteristic of our health care system. These experiences guide the designs of our innovative solutions for families which cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with end-of-life care and offer comprehensive support services.

We employ a data driven approach for our product development and identification of like-minded partners.

Independent quantitative and qualitative research is a key component of our approach. Working with non-profit organizations (Arctos Foundation) and leading institutions (Healthsperien, Stanford Center for Longevity and Fidelity Investments®) we have developed sophisticated digital assessments that provide our consumers with personalized planning and offer the public marketplace relevant content to enable greater clarity and tangible action plans for Aging at Home.