Readiness Quiz


Many people dream about retirement. But, while many fantasize about the positive elements, few account for the challenges, and associated costs, which come with this life transition.

With that in mind, please take the following survey (less than five minutes) to see how prepared you are to age confidently!


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As part of your retirement vision, have you decided where and how you want to live?

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Do you have a financial plan to afford extended or long-term care - whether through personal savings or insurance coverage?

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Did you know custodial home health care or extended care (either in a nursing home or skilled nursing facility) is generally not covered by Medicare, Employment-based, or Affordable Care Act health insurance?

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What do you believe is the probability you will need some form of care-related assistance, whether at home or in a care-related facility, in retirement?

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Are you prepared to cover out-of-pocket extended care service expenses - which can range from $50,000 up to $100,000 annually?

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Have you spoken with your family and loved ones about their potential role in caregiving or financial support as you age?

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