Preparing for Open Enrollment

For health insurance brokers as well as Medicare or ACA eligible consumers, heading into the annual open enrollment period (AEP) can feel overwhelming. To make sure both you, and your clients, are getting the most out of available offerings this AEP, staying organized, proactively scheduling time with clients for discussions about current coverage and future needs, and closely following changes across regulatory bodies and in the market. Review the following tips to make this enrollment period as smooth and successful as possible.

Take Advantage of Available Technology

Keeping client info organized and easily accessible can be a challenge, especially during the busiest parts of the year. By moving away from paperwork and automating your sales pipelines and communication processes as much as possible, you’ll save time, reduce errors, and likely create a more seamless education and sales process for your clients. As an HCG contracted broker, you have discounted access to NextAgency, a CRM platform designed specifically for insurance professionals. Take advantage of this service and keep everything all in one place.

Schedule Clients Meetings Early

It always makes sense to get meetings scheduled as early in the AEP as possible. This way, as clients have questions about plan options they may want to consider, or aspects of their past plan they’d like to change going forward, there will be sufficient time for clients to consider options, ask questions, and take the needed time to make a thoughtful plan decision. Early, education-based meetings can also be a great opportunity for you to understand and discuss key features in action, collecting individual experiences with different plans may help you recommend products and / or carriers for your other clients.

Make Sure You’re Up to Date with Industry Changes

The insurance industry is ever-changing – from the various plan offerings to shifting CMS requirements and state-based regulations. Some of the most important items to watch include:

  • Insurance Rates tend to change each year. Keep track of plan premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket limits so you can be prepared heading into client conversations.
  • Plan offerings also change regularly, and typically vary by geography. Don’t assume plans available last year are still being offered, and be on the lookout for new plans on the market, as well as changes to existing offerings.
  • Legislative and regulatory updates can be helpful in client conversations, both in terms of making sure you’re in compliance with state Departments of Insurance and CMS regulations, as well as in helping clients understand how shifting legislative might impact their current and future insurance needs.

Whether you’re serving group or individual clients, the AEP is likely a busy time of year and a great opportunity to reaffirm those relationships. Stay organized and take advantage of the resources available to you through your uplines to ensure a smoother process for all involved!